Website Design Makeovers

It takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form a first opinion of your brand once they have looked at your company website

The chances are that if your website is more than three years old, it is not portraying your business in the best possible light. Things move on.

Many web users still use Internet Explorer as their default web browser, however you may be unaware that many do not.

Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari all now have massive followers, and if your site doesn't display properly in all browsers, you can't expect visitors to stick around and take a look.

It may well be that your website has gone down? Maybe your website was designed a few years ago and it is no longer compatible with your web server running new version of PHP.

As the world wide web and advancement in technology continue to hurtle forward, older websites designed for older browsers may not perform both in visual appearance, usability and the all important page speed.

Website Design Makeover

Web Page Makovers

If you've watched those high rankings on search engines dwindle, the page speed of your site may well be the culprit; np optimised images, poor design framework and serving uncompressed content will all result in poor loading times.

It is all too easy to dismiss the above and fall into a false sense of security in the age of faster broadband speeds, however many parts of the world do not yet even have broadband capability.

It may be that you have no intention of doing business outside your resident country, however as this is the World Wide Web, most search engines will wish to send visitors to the most relevant and fastest loading site for their search query.

Quite often if your site doesn't list on the first page of Google, you will not get the clicks or the business; your competitors do.

It's unfortunate that many businesses have to spend thousands in Google Adwords to get web traffic whilst their top ranking competitors are spending very little. Are you ready for a makeover?

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