Server Migration

If you are unhappy with your present web hosting Company, maybe it is time to move house?

Unfortunately some web hosting companies cram so many web sites on their shared hosting servers that performance and functionality can become a problem through no fault of your own.

Your web site may not even be hosted in your country and inhibiting your search engine rankings. If your business is located in the Uk, hosting it in the US, Germany, or Holland will hurt your rankings.

Fortunately you don’t have to suffer in silence, just move house!

Server migration can be a daunting task without the required knowledge, especially if you have a large database driven site such as an established e-commerce store, social networking site, forum, or Joomla, Wordpress, Drupla site etc.

Before choosing a new host, make sure that they can offer you what your web site requires to run efficiently.
For example if your current web site requires: PHP 7.0 + Apache (with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib) 2.x + etc etc. Potential Magento users take note!

Remember that moving web hosts does not also mean you need to move your domain name, this can stay with your current registar and the nameservers simply changed to point to your new web space.

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